FGM Reconstruction Surgery

(Deinfibulation & Reconstruction)

Surgery can be performed to open the vagina, if necessary. This is called deinfibulation.
It is sometimes known as a reversal, although this name is misleading as the procedure does not replace any removed tissue and will not undo the damage caused.
But it can help many problems caused by FGM. Surgery may be advised for:

• women who are unable to have sex or have difficulty peeing because of FGM
• pregnant women at risk of problems during labour or delivery because of FGM

Deinfibulation should be carried out before getting pregnant, if possible.

It can be done in pregnancy or labour if necessary, but ideally should be done before the last 2 months of pregnancy.
The surgery involves making a cut (incision) to open the scar tissue over the entrance to the vagina.
It is usually performed under local anaesthetic and you will not normally need to stay overnight.

A small number of women need either a general anaesthetic or an injection in the back (epidural), which may involve a short stay in hospital.

This would all be discussed in your initial consultation with your surgeon. Surgical Reconstruction after FGM is also possible.
We encourage you to discuss these with Dr. Wagner in a private consultation to better understand ways that your health can be restored.